Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dorm Decor Can Be A Challenge

Ok, so I am totally approaching this Mama Monday link up from a much different perspective than most of you new mommies.

My first born has just begun his freshman year in college while my daughter has moved up (or down depending which way you see it) to freshman status.

I love looking at the sweet pictures of a newborn and reading about the joys and experiences new moms are facing today.  I am a bit bummed thought as I've noticed a trend....not many moms of my age or with high school and college age kids blog as much or at all.

This summer I needed examples of how to decorate a guys dorm room.  I perused Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Instragram...you name it.  I literally found a gazillion ideas to decorate for a girls dorm but nothing for a guy unless it was from a Pottery Barn Dorm catalog.  Honestly, that is not reality.  While I love PB everything, I don't know anyone whose room or house is decorated like that.  Now, don't hate on me.  I would absolutely love for my house to look  like any one of their catalogs, but I do not have that kind of cash!

So with all that said, I wanted to show off how my boys dorm room turned out.  It still needs more decor for the walls -- we were worried we had over packed!   Maybe this will help a mom in the future when she is searching for decorating ideas.

Founders Dorm, University of Arkansas
So excited to be in a dorm that is only 2 years old!

The challenge begins!

Little sisters pitching in!

Still need to work on those bare walls!

Probably could use a rug in this area.

This wall could use a little decor as well.

This is the best configuration for a room long and narrow.
The guys have two comfortable chairs that can be unfolded
and placed in the middle of the room to watch TV or play XBox.

Not sure these faces show the excitement of now being in charge
of their own laundry and clean up!
Matching bedding automatically loses the man card.
Color coordination is ok though.

The Nuggets

A day late linking up with my friend Leslyn over at:

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  1. A Guy's Guide will take on the challenge for A Guy's Guide: College Rooms

  2. It looks good!! I always wish I would have lived on campus and got to experience dorm life!

  3. That's a great point about there being no focus on boys who are headed to college! His room looked great!