Monday, July 14, 2014

The OFFICIAL Turn Off's & Turn On's LIST

Hope this does not come off as too negative.  I like to start my Monday on a fresh and positive note!

Turn Off's:

  • Those who take advantage of my kindness.
  • Clutter
  • All things pumpkin.
  • Those who look down on others because of their economic status, race, where they go to school, what they wear, the neighborhood they live in, etc......
  • Finding a plastic bottle in the kitchen trash.  Come on people -- we all know where the recycling bin is.
  • Those who call me and then proceed to have conversations with other people they are in the room with or yell at their kids.  I have been know to just hang up the phone.
  • "Friends" who ask how I am and then proceed to cut me off and go into great detail about what's going on with them.  I don't do one sided friendships.  Once I walk away I don't always come back.  

Now on to the good stuff....

Turn On's:
  • Coming home from a trip and finding that my guys did all the laundry without me asking them.
  • Genuine Friendships
  • Classical Music
  • My little family -- furry ones included.
  • Reading the Sunday paper from front to back.
  • The smell of Fabulosa -- I know my place is clean when I walk in and smell the lavender.
  • Going to the movies with my favorite husband.
  • Tidiness
  • Relaxing with a good book.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Welcome to Arkansas Women Bloggers. We're so glad to have you. Be sure to request access to our FB group as well.

  2. Hi, Rita,
    I had to laugh at "my favorite husband"! :-D (Don't your other husbands get jealous? Ha!)
    Okay, now I'll try to post this. I'm not always smart enough to get past the Blogger gauntlet! ;-)