Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Want to be a YES Girl

Summer 2013 has been very productive for me!  So far, I've....
  • created an art journal
  • actively blogged (although I don't know if anyone has read it....)
  • successfully kicked a nasty diet coke/sweet tea habit
  • attended a Zumba AND Hip Hop class (more than once!)
  • REALLY, educated myself about eating "clean" and the danger of processed food
  • I even finished a 30 day detox program where I eliminated soy, dairy, caffeine, gluten, white rice and bread and sugar from my diet. Yeah me!

 I am finishing up Summer 2013 with a online bible study offered by Proverbs 31 Ministry.  It's called, "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God".

NOW, one thing I have not been successful with this summer or in the past with is trust.  

I trust my husband - my kids and some family members completely.  I even trust some friends.  I know that sounds harsh that I don't always trust but I have been burned a time or two.  Now do I TRUST in my Heavenly Father?  Of course!  Do I TRUST him 24/7 with every thought, fear, worry or situation?  No.  Not really.  You see, I tend to be more of a worrier.  Anyone else have the same problem?

My bible study assignment this week along with reading and scripture memorization is to explore what is holding me back from going deeper in my relationship with God.  

So....what is holding me back?  


Fear of not being in control.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of God revealing something to me that I don't want to know.  Fear of not being able to handle the truth..  Fear.  Fear.  Fear.

I no longer want to be controlled by fear or doubt or worry or anxiety.  I want to be a "yes girl".  A believer who does not always understand why things happen the way they do -- but knows that her Heavenly Father has a plan, has known it since I was created and does not question.  A believer who says yes, when God is prompting me to forgive someone, befriend a stranger, share a piece of my heart or even presenting me with a new opportunity.

I'll start with baby steps.....First, I will plan my day around my quiet time with God instead of trying to squeeze it in before I rush off to work or after school or even in the car.  Quiet time for me will be working on this study and then focusing on a Psalm and/or Proverb daily.  I love to journal prayers so I'll make this part of my time too.  I'll let you know how it goes!

On my way to becoming a "yes girl"!

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