Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blogging Challenge

I have not posted to this blog since April 2012.

I may have been a little too ambitious thinking I could blog, tweet, post, pin, text, talk all while continuing to be a wife, mom, friend, employee....etc...

Still, I think I'd like to try to continue to blog occasionally.  With that said, while perusing Pinterest I came across a 30-Day Blogging Challenge.  Seeing as I am trying all sorts of new stuff this summer why not add this to my goal list too!

Disclaimer:  For all you professional bloggers (you know who you are), please forgive my grammar, spelling and random rambling.  I am just a mere mortal and never have claimed to have any special grammar skills.

And so I begin with Challenge Number 1:

Write Some Basic Things About Yourself

Hmmm, didn't I just do that?

Ok, here a few facts about me that you may not know......

  • My great-grandmother lived with my family from the time I was just a toddler until I moved away after high school graduation.  She did not speak a word of English -- only Spanish.  I should be fluent in the language, but I managed to leave home with just a basic understanding of the language plus my pronunciation is horrid.  Wish I knew it better.  What a gift to be fluent in a second language.  I was told by a family member, I could have learned it better if I wanted to.  Maybe so, but I think I did pretty good.  Granny Fila and I seemed to be able to communicate ok.  I would use as much Spanish as I could then throw in the English word when needed.  It went something like this... "Grandma, yo quero pancakeeeeeeeeeeees. "  See, I could say everything except for the word pancakes so I made up my own word.  She got it and I got the pancakes.  Rest in peace Granny.  I was blessed to have you in my life.  I'm sorry I did not realize it at the time.
  • I have a deep fear of drowning.  Primarily, being stuck in my vehicle if it somehow ended up in water.  I keep one of those apparatuses in my glove box that can both cut a seat belt and shatter a window.
  • I am obsessed with the HGTV show, House Hunters International.  I wish when Marty and I were newly married that we just packed it all up to move over to a foreign country.  Too hard now with teenagers, but maybe later in life?
  • I have to sleep with a fan on either overhead or next to my bed.  Drives Marty crazy.  He says it makes him "stuffed up".  The cool breeze plus the white noise it provides is necessary no matter what time of year.
  • I rarely finish what I start so don't be surprise when you quit hearing from me around Blog Challenge 12........


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