Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge #3

Challenge Number 3 in my 30 Day Blog Challenge is not very exciting.  Don't even know if anyone is reading this but I know at some point I will look back and read these random posts.  Ok, here goes!

My Day -- in GREAT Detail:

Well, I'm glad I was a busy bee today otherwise you may think I'm just a big lug laying around all day.

So, TODAY went something like this.....

  • Hit the snooze button about 4 times despite having a good night sleep.
  • Gave thanks for the gift of a new day.
  • Did a load of laundry.
  • Woke the Princess up.
  • Tried to feed the pups but discovered they had ZERO food.  Can someone in this family please tell me when they have dished out the last bit of dog food?  Geez.
  • Apologized to the pups and gave them one treat each plus a big spoonful of peanut butter.  I was feeling some guilt.
  • Made the Princess breakfast.
  • Drove the Princess to volleyball.
  • Stopped at Wally World on the way home for a mop.
  • Made a mad dash around the house to "clean up" before the sweet lady who REALLY cleans our house arrived.
  • Played fetch with the pups in the backyard
  • Made myself a great shake with products from Arbonne and my local market.
  • Showered.
  • Dropped off some pictures at a friends (it only took me 2 weeks to get them to her).
  • Went back to wally world for dog food and citronella candles.
  • Picked the Princess up from volleyball.
  • Returned the cutest pair of shoes to Francescas because they squeaked when I walked.  Should have exchanged it for something I wanted but the Princess ended up getting a cute shirt and headband out of the deal.
  • Drove like a bat out of h.e. double hockey sticks to pick up the husband (Captain Crunch) from work for lunch.  It was already past the noon hour and he had to be back for a 2p meeting.
  • Had a FANTASTIC gluten free lunch at Dempsey Bakery with Captain Crunch and the Princess.  I also picked up 6 individual gluten free pizza crusts for dinner as the Princess was having several friends spend the night.
  • Took Crunch Bunch back to work.
  • Took the Princess for allergy shots.
  • Took the princess to our local camera shop, Bedford so they could trouble shoot what was wrong with the camera she got for Christmas.  Turns out it has a manufacturer problem and they are sending the camera back to Nikon.  In the meantime, they gave her a snazzy loner.  This is the great customer service you get when you support your local businesses.  Had we made the purchase at a big box retailer we would have been responsible for getting the camera back to the manufacturer....and a loner camera?  Fuhgeddaboudit!
  • Went to Whole Foods for produce and other items we just had to have.  Did I mention I am working hard to eat healthy this summer?  This requires visiting two different grocery stores and a Farmers Market or two.  Hubby is not embracing the cost to "eat clean' nor does he care for the taste.
  • Drove the Princess out to the country to pick up one of the friends who is staying the night.
  • Finally fed those poor puppies after arriving home.  
  • Put my feet up for a minute to enjoy the clean smell of Fabulousa throughout the house.  Every other Tuesday is a happy day for me.  Thanks Priscilla!
  • Facebook posted a picture of the fabulous door hangar that was just put up yesterday.

  • Chopped zucchini, tomatoes, red onions and bell peppers to top my homemade pizza.  Got all the regular pizza fixings organized for the rest of the crew.
  • Met a new friend of the Princess.
  • Laid out all the ingredients for the Princess and three of her friends to make their own individual pizzas.  Crunch Bunch made his own too.....with REAL bacon, pepperonis and cheese.  Mine was much healthier.  He did not care for the Gluten Free crust.  When Princess tried to offer him a snack later he announced he had had enough "gluten free" products for the day.
  • Watched a little of the Giants / Pirates game.
  • Worked on a page from my art journal.
  • Ate my dinner.  Yum-O.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen.
  • Sneaked a Peek at RHONJ.  I couldn't resist.  
  • Drove Princess and Friends to nearby outdoor shopping mall so they could hang out.
  • Drove back after Princess called the minute I shut the garage door to say nobody was at the mall.
  • Alerted Princess on the ride home to the fact I am not her personal assistant.  I'm confident she did not hear a word.
  • Started this blog entry.
  • Did one more load of laundry.
  • Made break and bake cookies for the guests.
  • Forgot to set the timer for cookies and almost burnt them to a crisp.  This is what happens when I attempt to multi-task.
  • Assisted Princess while grumbling simultaneously as "we' picked up the glass of milk she knocked off the counter.  Did I mention my house had just been cleaned earlier today?  The hardwoods smooth after being cleaned....  I don't know why but my kids spill things on the floor and the dogs get sick or have an accident on the floor ONLY every other Tuesday after the house has been professionally cleaned.
  • Loaded the dishwasher.
  • Finished this entry.
Wow.  That's alot for one day and I'm not sure I captured everything.   Who thought of the challenge for this day anyway?  I'm pooped!

Oh, in case your wondering why I have not mentioned Batman.  Well, he's pretty self sufficient these days and he happens to be out of town playing basketball.

Night night.

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