Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do the Right Thing

Hey friends.    Next time your at a Big Box Retailer or Grocery Store  -- do the right thing.

Take your buggy either back to the cart return in the parking lot or directly back to the store.

Don't be lazy -- it only takes a minute.  You''ll make some bagger/clerk happy that they don't have to run all over tarnation to gather carts.

For my West Coast friends...."buggy" is a southern term for grocery cart.

This has been my first public service announcement.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It All Starts with a Clean Sink....

I'm still making good progress with my online bible study,  "A Life that Says Welcome" led by Karen Ehman.  The reading for this week covers cleaning, clutter and decorating.  I'll talk later about decorating (my lack of) but for now let's discuss baby steps.

Do you know who Fly Lady is?  Fly Lady is actually a gal by the name of Marla Cilley.  Fly stands for Finally Loving Yourself.    She helps people from all walks of life get their life in order by establishing short and quick routines.  Whether it be meal planning, laundry or just keeping the house clean, Fly Lady (aka Marla) has a plan!  She says many of us never begin our tasks because just the thought of it all overwhelms us.  Anyone agree?  I do!

Fly Lady constantly preaches, "baby steps" and she says it all starts with a clean sink!

Sounds silly right?  Get your life organized and all you have do is clean your sink?  No way!  Yes way!

 Baby Step #1 is never go to bed with dishes in the sink.  Put them in the dishwasher -- wash them by hand -- whatever it takes to get them out of the sink.  How many of us have been lazy after dinner and said "I'll take care of that in the morning"?  I'll be the first one to raise my hand!  I'll also be the first to say how much longer it took to get all the food, gunk, whatever off those dishes in the morning.  Probably twice as long as it would have been had I taken care of it after dinner.

Fly Lady says that even though you may have a messy kitchen, if your sink is clean and polished it will provide motivation and encouragement to get the rest of your room and eventually home in order!

She's got lots of other routines, but this is where it all begins.  I encourage you to look at her website and sign up for her daily emails to get you started.  Even if you are already a tidy person, she has great "steps" to other things such as:

  • Moving Tips
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Vacation Planning and Packing
  • Menu Planning
  • Calendar Organization
  • Surviving the Holidays
...and much much more!!

You'll never look at housekeeping the same way again!  Now, depending on when you read this, go do your morning or evening routines!  You'll have to check out Fly Lady to learn what I am talking about!

Good luck!