Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Emergency Survival 72 Hour Kits

Some people think I'm crazy for putting together these emergency survival kits for my family and pets. 
I say better to be prepared and safe than sorry!  I've lived in areas prone to earthquakes, floods and tornadoes and you never know when a natural diaster may strike.
When disaster hits, it can take up to 3 days for relief workers to reach some areas. Having a 72 hour kit will supply you with supplies and food you need to survive for 3 days. 
It seems like a lot of stuff for 72 hours but you never know what kind of emergency could come your way.  Luckily, it all fits in a backpack!
Find bags that can be easily carried by each person in your family.  I found these bags at Target for $10 a piece.  The "Back to School" clearance sales are a good time to look for back packs!

Don't forget your pets!

I was able to find most of the non-food items at our local dollar store which saved me a lot of money! There were so many different lists, it was hard to know what should really go in a 72 hour kit.  You can Google "72 Hour Kits" and find lists of recommended supplies if you want to adjust our list.